2020 Refresh & Reset Interior Design Event

Every year I try to take on a new project for interior design in my house or a clients. This year it’s cleaning out my junk room, as I call, it in my basement! I know your thinking, what is a junk room? You know what it is! It’s when all the junk you don’t know what to do with, clutters up one room in your house. I plan to de clutter this room and make it my in house artist studio. Being an artist, always has me thinking how can my work fit into a space and enhance it’s elegance? In interior design, there are several factors to making a space cohesive. There is the furniture, organization, design, theme, color, texture and art of course. Art is a big part of turning a drab space into something interesting and making it yours.

One of my favorite stores for design inspiration is CB2 in Georgetown, for in store and of course online. You can imagine how excited I was, when I received an invitation to a special interior design event sponsored by them. So of course I quickly hit that RSVP button to attend! I always want to learn new updated design tips, so I can cater my artwork to what the consumers want. The event was amazing, balancing an interior design knowledge portion by Monika of Zigzag Studios of DC with a reset DIY smudge stick activity. I enjoyed the question and answer section she allowed, because I did have some questions. This was my first time making a smudge stick and it was very fun! We also had the opportunity to look at the newest design ideas and products in the store.

I would love to know what are your design ideas for the new year. Are you cleaning out a space and refreshing it like me or resetting a space that needs a sprucing up? Remember paint always can turn a space brand new! Art is key and change to keep updating is ok! Please let me know what art you have in your space that means the most to you! Thanks again Refinery29 x CB2 x domino for the lovely invite to this amazing, insightful event! Art studio here I come! Below are DIY instructions to make your own smudge stick to reset your space!!!

DIY Smudge Sticks to Reset and Cleanse Your Space


4 - 5 rose buds or lavender sprigs
Roughly 15 sprigs of fresh herbs, like rosemary, sage and thyme

1. Start by trimming your flowers and herbs to size. Secure a long piece of twine around the base of your herb bundle and continue wrapping it until you reach the top. You want to make sure to wrap the twine as tightly as you can so that it stays bound when the flowers dry and shrink.
2. When you reach the top, tie your twine securely and trim the excess. Trim off any herbs that happen to be sticking out of the bundle.
3. Set your smudge stick aside and allow it to dry for at least two weeks.
4. To use, light your dried smudging stick with a lighter or match.
Starting at the Eastern most room of your home, circle around the room clockwise, wafting the smoke as you go.
Continue moving in a clockwise direction through the rest of your home, purifying each room similarly.
5. Finally, extinguish the smoke under either running water and set it aside to dry. You can reuse the same smudge stick until there is nothing left to burn.

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