30 or Less Dates of Summer Bucket List Challenge

Nothing in life brings me as much joy as planning and executing fun activities, no matter what it is. From traveling… to the latest local DMV sites, attractions, I’m always looking for the newest thing for my family and I to do. I am the product, of growing up in a home with two artists and activity director. For me, events and activities are everything! In my personal journey of this thing called life, what I remember most about my childhood was the activities, traveling, and the events my parents took me to. Having material things are nice but nothing sparks a mind more to me, then traveling, seeing sights, and participating in activities. I remember going to museums, traveling to different states, eating at interesting restaurants and participating in hands on activities with my family. I couldn’t get enough of it! Always wanting to go out and explore, whether it was right in my local area or far away there are hidden gems all around us. So when I saw @eyeconicash on Instagram mention this #30datesofsummer challenge she does with her husband every year I could not resist! 

This is literally us all year, at least once a month I plan a date night for us. But, I never though about really keeping track or organizing it in a planned scenario. Seeing her organization of this challenge, really inspired me to try it this year. Since last year with the pandemic was basically a bust!  I think this is a great challenge for all not just traditional couples but friends and family too! Planning things to do is fun and everyone should take part in it! 

To keep myself organized this summer with the challenge I decided to use my notes app on my iPhone and entitle the folder obviously “30 Dates of Summer’ bucket list. You can do this too by using a written or digital format. Some might want to use their tangible planner, notepad, wall chart, iPad or phone. Digital was easier for me because I could share my list with my husband to keep him on track and so I could check off things as we completed them. With us living in the DC, MD and VA area its a never ending list of things to do on a weekly basis, so boredom is never an issue here. I recommend including things in your bucket list, that include various things like restaurants, museums, installations, travels to different states/countries, home activities and fairs. Your best bet, for researching what to do near you is the internet (scope things to do in your area), television news outlets, social media, friends/family and surprisingly just driving around. Also I cannot stress this enough, with COVID still being present please always look up wherever you are going, to see their specific standards on safety, during these unprecedented times. 

Union Market in Dc Foodie Double Date Day Weekend Trip to Atlantic City

This way you know how to proceed with 

Once I have a good list of ideas, I load them into my bucket list and organize them by number until I get to number thirty. Do not! I repeat DO NOT!!!  Get hung up on reaching all thirty dates this summer, this is just a tool to have fun, if you go beyond the summer it’s no pressure. Also there does not have to be a mold to fit these dates just have fun with who you are with and go! We do try to take a picture on every occasion we do go out, so we can look back and remember the date just for fun! You can also post your date on social media to inspire others or to take part in the movement using the hashtag! These #30datesofsummer don’t always have to involve just you and your other half. It can even involve the kids or double daters, just live life and do what makes you comfortable.

Some of our upcoming dates include:

-Inside the Wardrobe at Georgetown

-Whino Art Gallery & Restaurant

-Swingers Mini Golf 

To see some of our #30datesofsummer see my IG stories, highlights reels and my blog for ideas or inspo. 


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