Artistically Adaptive DIY LV Vintage Lock Necklace in 5 mins.

Let me show you how to up-cycle and keep timeless pieces evolving and adapting artistically through the years. This literally took me 5 mins to put together!

Do you ever find yourself, scrolling through your Instagram feed on the daily, seeing different things you want to buy or wish you could make yourself? Well….of course you do! I know I’m guilty of that a lot! I’m always seeing things that I might have the materials to make, but never think about going any further from there. Even with me being an artist, we don’t always make everything we have or want. Sometimes I’ll just buy it or save the page and forget I wanted it! In this case it was too easy and quick to pass up!

I have DIY’d a lot of things, but after crushing on “ALV Jewelry’s” website I knew this would be my most easiest DIY ever! No shade, by any means to this company for creating these unique, authentic, up-cycled pieces with vintage Louis Vuitton locks. I admire the idea! For those like me, that want to save some money ($150) because you already have locks from your LV purses laying around or attached to your speedy bags this is for you! If not, then at the end of my post I’ll drop the store website in for you to purchase their creation! In my possession, I have about two LV vintage locks with keys. One I keep on my speedy the other is in my jewelry box. I also had a gold chain and metal super glue just laying around so literally this cost me $0 dollars! See everything below!

DIY in 5 Minutes

Up-cycled LV Vintage Lock & Key Necklace


-Vintage Louis Vuitton Lock & Key (serial on both)

-Gold chain of your choosing

-Loctite Super glue liquid or any kind of metal super glue. (Thinner consistency the better!)

- Paper Towel


1. Get a clean work area to work on in case glue spills. I suggest covering your table with something Incase you have some leakage out of the lock shaft.

2. Gather all materials.

3. Take lock, key and fit them together. Do a test run before you apply glue to make sure you don’t mess up. You want to make sure you close the lock first, then push key in slowly and make sure it’s flush. Once glue is in place that’s a wrap!

4. Heres the real thing! Take your key out after testing and place loctite glue over bottom half of key. Do this for the key front and back, only on lower half.

5. Push key back in closed lock swiftly hard and make sure it’s flush before you lay it down to set. Make sure you wipe around the key insert area for any extra glue leakage before it dries. I suggest letting this dry 24hrs. If you are impatient like me and can’t wait until the glue sets it will probably quick set in 5 minutes flat! Then you can wear it out with light use.

6. Last, get a gold chain of your choosing in type and length and run it through the lock opening! Your all set! Wah Lah…you have your very own DIY LV lock necklace! You shining!

The above pics show the online stores version, then the remaining two photos are mine! Please follow me on my Instagram @artistically_adaptive and website for more art, DIY, food, fun and lifestyle content!

Hanging and on display!

If you want to purchase it here is your link! They have so many cool things for purchase other then this necklace! 1st Photo above and below courtesy of ALV Jewels not mine!

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