Sometimes You Just Gotta Getaway!!!


noun- 1. an escape or quick departure, especially after committing a crime.
"the thugs made their getaway"

INFORMAL- 2. A vacation.
"a perfect family getaway"

“Jobs fill your pocket, Adventures fill your soul”
― Jaime Lyn Beatty

The quote above speaks volumes! I have been looking into the “Getaway” glamping houses since the beginning of last year after reading about them. I even decided to add it in as a bucket list item! I was excited to go based on reading that they support artists and to get time to do my artwork in the quiet of the Shenandoah forest. Unfortunately, I wanted to take someone with me but no one was interested at the time! So I was left putting it off until I found a camp mate.

So far in my lifetime I have never really officially been “Camping” or really “Glamping”away from indoor setups and creations! I know crazy right? With me being a Girl Scout as I’m sure most of you all have been a girl going camping is expected, but during that time in my life I was never able to go camping due to my asthma. When I was younger my asthma was terrible! I could not take part in most outdoor activities, leading my parents to become very creative in other areas to give me the same experience. Long story short I did earn that camping badge, by having a campsite my mom and I creatively setup in our home, which sufficed for my camp troop leader. Hence why I took a risk and made this trip. Now my asthma is in a much better controllable space for me to do outside activities.

Being invited on an experience like this was one I could not pass up, even with my apprehension. I was blessed to be invited by two of my gal pals to culminate their birthdays for this year. With one having one at the end of February and the other in March what a great way to celebrate by doing something out of the norm. Plus,I think we all need getaways every once in awhile. This helps us clear our heads, renew and reset the order in our lives. They chose to stay in the house for a one day overnight stay and believe me, that one day seemed like a whole weekend of fun!

Everything about the getaway house experience is kept very secretive so you can really be able to enjoy yourself. They are located all over the USA in or near parks and middle of nowhere locations. They do this purposely, so you can be unplugged to escape officially! There are two ways to book your reservations! First, by going online to there website and choosing your time to stay, outpost and cabin type. They sleep up to 4 adults and possibly 3 kids. Dogs are allowed for an extra $40 dollars per booking, if you are interested. They send you a email or text to confirm your booking then send you the actual location of the outpost a few days before you leave with your custom access code. To leave you in more mystery, you don’t know if it’s just one camper out there or others, unless you read a blog like mine or email them. Here’s a secret you are not alone it’s an outpost with several other campers to put your wonderment at ease! You can either choose a one bed or two bunk bed style camper. You either pay or there is a sponsorship for local artist or creatives where during the slow season. Where if you are one if these two can stay a day for free on them. You must produce work and write about your experience in exchange. If you are paying they are very affordable and come with just about everything you need, even a small food supply if you choose to pay extra!

We chose the larger camper with two beds, which for us worked out great for three or more people. They all come with indoor bathrooms, running water, tables, flatware/plates/cups, soap for dishes, sink, and storage options. They even give you a s’mores kit and have outlets people for you to charge your electronics. For true unpluggers they do have a lockbox to lock up your phone if you want no interruptions during your stay! Playing cards are around and books for reading that are in theme! Although small they are designed to fit everything you bring if you organize just right. I would compare these campers to a modern “tiny house” tree house minimalist interior design. The inside is covered in a beautiful all wood ensemble covering the walls and floor. The most important feature is all of them have a huge front viewing glass window. You can sit in the bed and see everything from here during the day and night. If you get a one bed you get more room to see out of the window (heads up). The bunk bed style takes away from the window a little more, but you still have great views. You are able to close both windows if you want for privacy they do come with shades. Outside they give you a camp fire site with three chairs by your camper and firewood to use.

I loved that they do put them close civilization in case you do have an emergency or late night snack attack! Our outpost was about fifteen minutes away from Walmart and restaurants. To top it off the DC Shenandoah location is close by to a winery “Early Mountain” vineyards that has amazing wines and food! So we were able to get the best of both worlds, camping and wineries! My advice is to pack light and bring only essentials! Honestly they have most things so you don’t need to pack like you are going on an eight day cruise. At the bottom I will list my packing essentials to give you some ideas. Also a big thing for most is the bugs, yes we did see and kill a few but it wasn’t crazy! Do bring antibacterial spray that will be your best friend for cleaning and wipes!

Speaking of essentials …you know I had to be extra since I am the queen of essentials “Adaptive Essentials” that is, and make my ladies camp kits! This gave them some extra stuff they did not have to bring and still make things a little fancy. This is a great DIY activity to do for any themed trip or party if your interested as well. We had so much fun eating, talking and binge watching an interesting show on Amazon prime. The time flew back after we came back from our winery trip! We opted to leave our big window open so we could see the sun set and rise and the views were unexplainable!

Our last day consisted of us getting up and cleaning our stuff out, then eating at an amazing brunch place they have down the street near the Walmart called, “Jack’s Shop Kitchen.” The food was amazing and is mostly farm to table, so your taste buds will go off in the most amazing ways! In closing even though we only stayed for one night. Getaway DC gives you so many things to do you won’t realize how quick of an adventure you really had by the end. No doubt I will definitely be back soon!

Adaptive Essentials “Glamping” Needs

  • Weekender duffle bag
  • Lysol wipes & spray
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Toiletries Kit
  • Bug Spray if summertime
  • Beanie Hat or Bandana
  • Washcloth (if you prefer your own, they have washcloths & towels on site)
  • Towel
  • Sheets if you want to bring your own even though again it comes with sheets and blanket!
  • Combat boots or Hiking
  • 1 pair of pajamas
  • Undergarments
  • 1 Light all weather jacket
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of leggings
  • Business casual or whatever you want if you visit the winery
  • Food for your stay, I suggest Walmart shopping! (They have a cooktop for very small heat up and refrigerator) No microwave items people!
  • Adaptive Essentials Camp Kit (Includes: Designer Water bottle, washcloth, tissue, hot hands, flashlight, candy, toothbrush & paste)


Jack’s Shop Kitchen (Brunch)

Early Mountain Winery (Winery)

Getaway House

Artistically Adaptive DIY LV Vintage Lock Necklace in 5 mins.

Let me show you how to up-cycle and keep timeless pieces evolving and adapting artistically through the years. This literally took me 5 mins to put together!

Do you ever find yourself, scrolling through your Instagram feed on the daily, seeing different things you want to buy or wish you could make yourself? Well….of course you do! I know I’m guilty of that a lot! I’m always seeing things that I might have the materials to make, but never think about going any further from there. Even with me being an artist, we don’t always make everything we have or want. Sometimes I’ll just buy it or save the page and forget I wanted it! In this case it was too easy and quick to pass up!

I have DIY’d a lot of things, but after crushing on “ALV Jewelry’s” website I knew this would be my most easiest DIY ever! No shade, by any means to this company for creating these unique, authentic, up-cycled pieces with vintage Louis Vuitton locks. I admire the idea! For those like me, that want to save some money ($150) because you already have locks from your LV purses laying around or attached to your speedy bags this is for you! If not, then at the end of my post I’ll drop the store website in for you to purchase their creation! In my possession, I have about two LV vintage locks with keys. One I keep on my speedy the other is in my jewelry box. I also had a gold chain and metal super glue just laying around so literally this cost me $0 dollars! See everything below!

DIY in 5 Minutes

Up-cycled LV Vintage Lock & Key Necklace


-Vintage Louis Vuitton Lock & Key (serial on both)

-Gold chain of your choosing

-Loctite Super glue liquid or any kind of metal super glue. (Thinner consistency the better!)

- Paper Towel


1. Get a clean work area to work on in case glue spills. I suggest covering your table with something Incase you have some leakage out of the lock shaft.

2. Gather all materials.

3. Take lock, key and fit them together. Do a test run before you apply glue to make sure you don’t mess up. You want to make sure you close the lock first, then push key in slowly and make sure it’s flush. Once glue is in place that’s a wrap!

4. Heres the real thing! Take your key out after testing and place loctite glue over bottom half of key. Do this for the key front and back, only on lower half.

5. Push key back in closed lock swiftly hard and make sure it’s flush before you lay it down to set. Make sure you wipe around the key insert area for any extra glue leakage before it dries. I suggest letting this dry 24hrs. If you are impatient like me and can’t wait until the glue sets it will probably quick set in 5 minutes flat! Then you can wear it out with light use.

6. Last, get a gold chain of your choosing in type and length and run it through the lock opening! Your all set! Wah Lah…you have your very own DIY LV lock necklace! You shining!

The above pics show the online stores version, then the remaining two photos are mine! Please follow me on my Instagram @artistically_adaptive and website for more art, DIY, food, fun and lifestyle content!

Hanging and on display!

If you want to purchase it here is your link! They have so many cool things for purchase other then this necklace! 1st Photo above and below courtesy of ALV Jewels not mine!

2020 Refresh & Reset Interior Design Event

Every year I try to take on a new project for interior design in my house or a clients. This year it’s cleaning out my junk room, as I call, it in my basement! I know your thinking, what is a junk room? You know what it is! It’s when all the junk you don’t know what to do with, clutters up one room in your house. I plan to de clutter this room and make it my in house artist studio. Being an artist, always has me thinking how can my work fit into a space and enhance it’s elegance? In interior design, there are several factors to making a space cohesive. There is the furniture, organization, design, theme, color, texture and art of course. Art is a big part of turning a drab space into something interesting and making it yours.

One of my favorite stores for design inspiration is CB2 in Georgetown, for in store and of course online. You can imagine how excited I was, when I received an invitation to a special interior design event sponsored by them. So of course I quickly hit that RSVP button to attend! I always want to learn new updated design tips, so I can cater my artwork to what the consumers want. The event was amazing, balancing an interior design knowledge portion by Monika of Zigzag Studios of DC with a reset DIY smudge stick activity. I enjoyed the question and answer section she allowed, because I did have some questions. This was my first time making a smudge stick and it was very fun! We also had the opportunity to look at the newest design ideas and products in the store.

I would love to know what are your design ideas for the new year. Are you cleaning out a space and refreshing it like me or resetting a space that needs a sprucing up? Remember paint always can turn a space brand new! Art is key and change to keep updating is ok! Please let me know what art you have in your space that means the most to you! Thanks again Refinery29 x CB2 x domino for the lovely invite to this amazing, insightful event! Art studio here I come! Below are DIY instructions to make your own smudge stick to reset your space!!!

DIY Smudge Sticks to Reset and Cleanse Your Space


4 - 5 rose buds or lavender sprigs
Roughly 15 sprigs of fresh herbs, like rosemary, sage and thyme

1. Start by trimming your flowers and herbs to size. Secure a long piece of twine around the base of your herb bundle and continue wrapping it until you reach the top. You want to make sure to wrap the twine as tightly as you can so that it stays bound when the flowers dry and shrink.
2. When you reach the top, tie your twine securely and trim the excess. Trim off any herbs that happen to be sticking out of the bundle.
3. Set your smudge stick aside and allow it to dry for at least two weeks.
4. To use, light your dried smudging stick with a lighter or match.
Starting at the Eastern most room of your home, circle around the room clockwise, wafting the smoke as you go.
Continue moving in a clockwise direction through the rest of your home, purifying each room similarly.
5. Finally, extinguish the smoke under either running water and set it aside to dry. You can reuse the same smudge stick until there is nothing left to burn.

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