Swingers Mini Golf DC (3 of 30 Dates of Summer)

Mini Golf : a novelty golf game played with a putter on a miniature course usually having tunnels, bridges, sharp corners, and obstacles.

Well if miniature golf had an older adult sibling “Swingers” DC would be it! Swingers Mini Golf club is the adult only, high end 9 hole indoor experience From U.K. To Washington, DC. The company’s high-end venues combine “crazy” mini golf layouts with gourmet street food vendors, hand-crafted cocktails, a theatrical setting and music to create an immersive and multi-sensory social experience for guests. When I saw they were building this a few months ago via my Instagram ads, I knew that was going to become a date night spot. Then when I found out they were slated to open at the end of June, I knew this would be one of our “30 Dates of Summer” activity on my bucket list.

Photo courtesy of Swingers DC.

Without further a do, let’s get into the details of this “Waterwheel” 9 hole golf course. If you are interested in partaking in this fun, chic and cool experience you must make an online reservation. No panicking, I’ll add the website below at the end of this review so you can see it for yourself. Right now DC has the first one in the U.S., but New York’s version will  open soon. There are various options to pick from when booking your online tickets, the prices range from $19-$78 per person. Some of these options do include their street food menu if you are interested in filling your tummy at the end. We chose one of the cheaper options, which is the $39 per person “Dupont Circle Twin Set.” That option comes with one round of mini golf and two drink coupons while you are playing the course. I chose this option because I wanted food from DC’s Union market after, but food is available in house. While playing the different holes your caddy or ninja bartender, will bring your drinks of choice to you anywhere on the green. We ordered a frozen strawberry margarita for me and a beer for my hubs. Something to keep in mind is there is a set menu for coupon drinks and if your drink order is not on that menu your coupon can be a value towards another drink item. 

Photo courtesy of Swingers DC

I can say the most annoying thing about this whole experience, is the location and parking. If you live in the DC metro area you will truly understand this with its location in “Dupont Circle.” Honestly, the blame truly resides with “Google”, please be aware that maps will lead you behind the building which is not where you enter. Once we realized we couldn’t find it this way, I called to find out that they are across the street from Krispy Kreme donuts and have a underground parking lot right beside it. This is a pay to park lot and is still being renovated. Please remember to stop at the kiosk first, to pay and grab your ticket because they use your license plate to record you are parking. Once you grab your receipt place it on your dash, then park, so you won’t be running back and fourth depending on where you would park.  Swingers does required ID upon admittance so have that out and ready to go! Check-in is on the lower level and upstairs is a bar/restaurant area mostly, so proceed to the lower level for golf course. 

Once we checked in we were on our way! A caddy associate greets you and gives you golfing equipment, directions about the course and putting instructions.  Each part of the course is marked with a flag number and place to sit your libation while golfing. Don’t forget to use your score card pictured in my hand above to keep track of who is winning, each player is only allowed six hits. We had a ball playing and snapping Instagram worthy pictures of the course and fun design of the place. At the last water hole, if you get a hole in one you can spin the wheel for an extra prize. One person in our party of four scored free ice-cream for the win! Upon completing the course there are places to sit and relax, modern eccentric lounge seating and eat if you chose! Lastly, they have a computerized photo machine, that is self serve and allows you to email pictures of your fun time to yourself. My overall review was five stars, “Swingers” DC is truly a site to see and makes the perfect date venue for adults! 

What are you waiting for…go book yourself a ticket now and add this to your bucket list!  #30datesofsummer


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